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And Zambia’s teen marriage rates are also staggering: Seventeen per cent of girls between the ages of 15 and 19 are married, according to the survey.These young brides are vulnerable to early pregnancies, which can put their health at risk.

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Find out more about volunteering with ICS The volunteers also worked hard to get into schools and deliver sessions on sexual health, which wasn’t easy in a place where religious and cultural taboos surround sex: "Some schools only wanted us to teach abstinence, and not to do any condom demonstrations - but the dropout rate for young girls because of pregnancy is really high.

And schools are telling you their pupils don’t have sex!

Teachers are receiving face-to-face and online training to help them confidently and sensitively present this information to their students.

Health workers are also receiving training to help them meet the needs of young people without stigma or bias.

Local young people, recruited and trained by ICS teams, offer information on sex and rights, signpost peers to access healthcare at the local hospital and do outreach work in local schools.

The work continues today, even without ICS support.

” In general, people were very supportive of the ICS volunteers, especially when they saw results, as Sarah explains: “Kacholola Boarding school used to have quite a high drop-out rate.

A few semesters of ICS working with them, and they only had one young woman drop out due to pregnancy.

Sarah first heard of ICS whilst working as youth worker with excluded groups in her Liverpool hometown and applied successfully to lead a team of young ICS volunteers in the township of Nyimba, Zambia.

She speaks proudly of the achievements of her team, which included setting up a facility for young people to get information about sexual health and rights: “We wanted to create something that was by young people for young people, to create a space where you could speak to somebody closer to your age who you can have more of a conversation with.” The project today is a success.

She and her classmates are learning about comprehensive sexuality education after teachers at the school received training from UNFPA.

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