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Previously: What It's Like to Share a Name With Lord Voldemort Times are tough for the Ashley Madisons of the world.

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As a result of that relationship I was scrutinized and attacked maliciously by people who wished to cause me harm publicly.

I have moved on from that time in my life and feel vindicated by the truth that we carefully set out to refute as a couple together over the course of seven years.

However, as a married woman I do not agree morally with their behavior. To this day I have to defend my character to new acquaintances, who still believe I was a spokesperson for that heinous site.

As an American citizen I do feel that it’s a violation of privacy and that they are entitled to anonymity.

I felt very defeated at the time and I was wary of what my course of action should be and how I should defend myself against these brazen bullies who I felt had taken it upon themselves to use my name to capitalize on their brand at the expense of my reputation and character.

It was a very trying, difficult time, and yes, very strange. Ashley Madison, Massachusetts: At a fundraiser event that I went to, I had an executive from a business come up to me to ask me where the bathrooms were. And he said it's funny how a future employer could Google my name and not much would come up that has to do with me.

Ashley Madison, Massachusetts: When I was probably in middle school, I Googled my name.

But in middle school I didn't quite know or understand the [Ashley Madison] website fully.

"Two families were devastated and destroyed," she explained.

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