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So, to download the POI database you had to provide your AC username and password.

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Meanwhile, Garmin improved access to ACC with an important change to the ACC API.

Previously any interaction with the AC database required logging in.

On May 23rd Garmin shut down the old way of distributing Active Captain (AC) data and turned on the new Active Captain Community (ACC) servers.

All the mobile apps, charting programs and MFDs programmed to work with AC stopped updating — and, in some cases, stopped showing AC points of interest (POIs) altogether — unless they had been newly modified for ACC.

Ben Ellison has done a thorugh write-up of the new site.

Aqua Map has worked quickly to make the needed updates to their i OS application to support the new ACC API.

If managing accounts isn’t required to download the data users are more likely to have current data available on their apps.

Each positive experience a user has with ACC makes them more likley to contribute to the data they’re using.

Also, make sure that your GPS has the capability to be connected to your computer, otherwise you will only be able to get your maps from a map disc or through the unit itself, and not for free.

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