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The big problem with the UNIT stories is that so many of them contradict each other.

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The 1977 Brigadier says that he retired from UNIT in 1976!!! The only way that previous chronology now fits is if both Prof.

Travers and Sarah were generalising about dates and were not being specific at all.

The week of New Student Orientation at Stanford is, for many, a blur filled with vague recollections of trying too hard to impress new peers, attending ridiculously boring lectures on which classes to take or avoid, and coping with the new sense of freedom and loss offered by college.

It was during New Student Orientation, not yet a week into college, that the idea of long distance relationship struggles was first introduced. I laughed when my psychology teacher reminded the class that two people shouldn’t date if they don’t live in the same place, even if they at one time did.

The dating for these stories now runs as follows (many thanks to Donald Gillikin for suggesting this solution and most of these dates): have that problem with Sarah supposedly being from 1980.

Bunches of theories have been bandied about by fans, such as having Sarah take a long break at some point in her travels with the Doctor (as detailed here).Problem was, they decided not to make any amendments to the story.The story is set over two time periods - 1977, during the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations, and 1983.This story introduced Brigadier (then Colonel) Lethbridge-Stewart.He returned later that year in The Invasion, UNIT's first outing.One of the biggest continuity headaches in Doctor Who is that of UNIT dating. He refers to the earlier events taking place "over 40 years" before.

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