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Perhaps, but could such a woman really go for a midget? Their affair is intense, they fall in love; but he knows she'll return to the other man in the end. 12,000 words 7,600 words M/f, F/m, F/F/F/F/F 18 year old Sonia has split up with her boyfriend, but still has to share a room with him and an older couple in Bangkok.

Except for the night she stays with a local woman, for her introduction to the pleasures of lesbian group sex. 7,900 words, story codes; MF, MFF, cheat Lena likes to flirt, and her husband doesn't mind, as long as it doesn't go beyond a nice wet kiss.

She ended up doing much more than talking with the mover.; 15,000 words, M/F, M/F, cheating, voyeurism, older/younger, interracial, etc. The young lovers get mixed up with an older couple. A tortured romance; a wealthy English man seduces a young Thai woman, and takes her home. It isn't necessarily always nice, but it could be very erotic.

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I will always reply unless requested not to; I do not pass on email addresses to third parties.

He's married to the most beautiful girl in the county.

But Donna soon wants more than he can offer her, and she betrays him.

I like the emotion of sex; lust is an emotion, and so is love. My stories attempt to invoke emotion in the reader; primarily lust [isn't that why you're here? If you feel horny, angry, wistful, nostalgic, aggrieved, satisfied... New stories are added from time to time, the newest is always at the top of the list [scroll down] I like a lot of variety, and you will find most everything in here, with the exceptions of pedophilia [I do go as young as 14] and bestiality.

I don't much favor force [at least towards women], but I do go in for a spot of coercion. You will see no advertising or links to commercial sites here.

Cheating, Voyeurism, Older man/younger woman MM/F 3,800 words Andrew is married to June, a lovely black stewardess; he's pretty confident about their relationship. no prizes for guessing how they end up passing the time, but I try to put an interesting slant on it all. 9860 words M/F, M/F, A story of a Turkish resident in Germany.

He's sure she would never cheat on him; someone had better tell June that. 8,700 words M/f [that means an adult male and a girl]. His dreams are realized when he falls in love with a German girl; but then his traumatized older brother moves in with them. A surprisingly believable tale of an unlikely but happy relationship between three, and in the end four, very different people. Beautiful blond Edna decides to improve her and Matt's situation by spending an evening with the landlord to be, to get a better lease. Matt gets to watch, but he has very mixed feelings about it all.

This is a really good story, and despite it's length, it keeps moving, in many ways. Readers of my writings will be aware how I love old/young stories.

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