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(Also known as a Texas Scramble)A class of membership of a golf club with restricted rights at a low cost.

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The measurement of the angle from the front edge of a club's sole to the point that rests on the ground when addressing the ball.

In discussing wedges, bounce describes a sole angle where the back edge of the sole is lower than the front edge, keeping them from digging too deep in sand or being stopped by tall grass.

It serves the joint purpose of adding some competitive meaning to the rest of the holes and also for the losing side to attempt to regain some of the pride lost as a result of their humiliation in the main match.

It is usual for the loser of the bye to buy the first drinks in the 19th hole afterwards.

This phenomenon is referred to as biting or checking.

Depending on the amount of backspin, the ball may suck backwards.(i) A type of iron where the weight is distributed evenly across the back of the club-head as opposed to mainly around the perimeter (see cavity back).

Players are responsible for the actions of their caddies.

Players cannot receive advice from anyone other than their caddie or partner.

Bisque matches are not recognized by the rules of golf.

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