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This concern can lead to sexual "performance anxiety" or promiscuous behavior in an attempt to "prove his Manhood." The question also asked is, "Does this mean I'm gay?" For gay men this question often takes the form of, "Is this why I'm gay?The survivor may set himself up as a: Male survivors of incest often deal with confusion about their sexuality.

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Rigid adherence to a particular view of masculinity not only increases the incidence of victimization, but severely inhibits prospects of recovery.

The male is expected to be confident, knowledgeable, experienced, aggressive, and dominant. "real" man is expected to be able to solve any problem and recover from any setback.

Vulnerability, seen as weakness, is equally impossible.

Men, in turn, do not have access to their tender, emotional, nurturing, and sympathetic qualities.

Incest is a violation of a position of trust, power, and protection.

Sex between blood relatives is just one part of a more inclusive view of incest.If they enjoyed any part of the abuse they see it as further confirmation of their shortcomings-they have failed as human beings and as men.Any sexual activity with a man or woman can re stimulate shameful feelings.for the man or boy whose temperament is incompatible with the traditional male image, life can be hell.He may be teased, ridiculed, shunned, or even brutalized.The traditional definition of incest is sexual activity between blood relatives.

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