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Once you’re looking at all of the available fields, you will see a field titled “Validation Regex”.Put your cursor in that field and then paste in the following regular expression: Now, move your cursor in to the input that says “Regex Failed Message” and paste in: Please Enter A Valid Phone Number, or simply create a failure message of your own.Do a few basic checks on the prefix and length and then remove the 44 country code or 0 trunk code and any extension details from the number and store for later use.

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FS Contact Forms is an excellent plugin, it is very customizable, and allows for you to utilize a lot of really great features, but does rely on you to provide any Regex you may need to validate your forms.

For many Word Press website owners, this just doesn’t quite cut it considering they’ve likely never used regex before and most of the copy/paste solutions won’t be formatted for exactly what you may need.

I'm hoping someone here might be able to provide some input to improve upon this, or even simplify it to make it work better.

One of the main problems with it is that it will allow a number through with more than 8 or 10 digits, which is not a valid phone number, at least that I am aware of.

Especially when it will make the difference between someone potentially making the decision of actually filling out the form or making the decision that this is all too hard and hitting their back button.

So, while I see the credit in your suggestion and what I am trying to achieve might seem excessive I might continue on for a bit. Although I do need to have it so that the user may not enter the first zero in their phone number.

I've always wanted to know more about the Data Validation setting in Google Forms, and yesterday, thanks to a participant question and a Google search, I learned how to make sure phone numbers in forms are entered in a consistent format, in this case, ###-###-####.

Insert the pattern below into the box and type your directions to the right.

Territory ID: GB or UK Country Code: 44 National Trunk Prefix: 0 International Dialling Prefix: 00 This is a short guide to validating and formatting GB telephone numbers.

The regular expressions shown here are very similar to those found in the data files used by the open source libphonenumber project.

Set up your "Phone Number" question in a form, then choose the Data Validation setting and Regular Expression.

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