metal dating - Pros and cons of dating a pro athlete

Cyclists, triathletes, and runners often consume concentrated sources of carbohydrate (gels, chews, bars, sports drinks) during workouts and events precisely because they deliver carbohydrate without all the other stuff (protein, fat, fiber).

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It is also important, however, for these athletes to consume adequate total energy to support their training, as well as adequate carbohydrate to fuel high-intensity training efforts.

My recommendation to the athletes I work with – especially the athletes over 50 years old – is to focus on consuming the protein they need through whole foods, and make adjustments to their food choices to increase protein intake if necessary.

Perhaps my biggest problem with protein powder is that it often displaces real food in an athlete’s diet, which means athletes miss out on all the other great nutrients those foods would have delivered.

The table below is just one example to illustrate the point, from 2018 study by van Vliet: Of course, there are other protein isolates (whey, casein, etc.) not included in the table, and there are many protein powders fortified with additional (and sometimes massive) amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Athletes with mixed diets who eat meat, fish, and dairy have an easier time of it, but nutrition-conscious vegetarians and vegans generally have no problem eating enough protein.

Here’s a list of high protein foods (including animal and plant sources) for reference: For a lot of busy athletes who are training hard, a shake made with protein powder sure is convenient.

It will help them to understand the risks and benefits of returning to play, and to discuss how they feel about them with their healthcare provider.

There is less information about the impact of repeat concussions on children.

If you use protein powder or are considering using it to boost protein intake, consider the following pros and cons.

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