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So, when this girl brought this up, it not only aroused me, but it brought out the risk-taker and thrill seeker in me. Once I was completely helpless and at her mercy, my heart raced and my adrenaline spiked and I was addicted. There was nothing like going to an unfamiliar place to meet someone you didn't know.The walk down the hotel hall or the walk up to the house or apartment was heart pounding. As the weeks went by the thrill subsided a little bit.She looked like just about every other suburban middle aged woman who went to Starbucks. You don't need to bring anything other than yourself.""Ok, thank you." was all I could get out before she had turned and walked away briskly. I would have to wait 12 hours if I didn't and that would be an extremely long time.

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It was slow going, but after a month I finally got a reply.

The woman was about 40, but looked really good for her age. After a week of chatting, she asked for a coffee house meeting and I agreed.

I started a new company at 22 and sold it at 24 for 15 million dollars. I had always been a great athlete and had a natural muscular build.

I was smart, I was a risk-taker and I was really lucky.

I met a kinky girl who wanted to tie me to her bed.

I put her off for about a week, but then the thrill of it took over.

I fantasized a lot but I really wasn't sure I could take it in real life.

It was so degrading that I might actually regret it and spending more than an hour that way might be too intense.

The other half got off on the bondage and humiliation part.

Still, even knowing deep down that it was just a game, the complete loss of control and humiliation would be an adrenaline-pumped thrill ride. But, I would still go back to the pictures, videos and stories.

I made an app that immediately went to #2 on all the app sales charts and I sold it to a large company for 3 million dollars when I was only 21.

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