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This story got more response than anything I've written until now 919 words M/F/F Written for the asstr 2nd server challenge. A young African American man meets the Hungarian girl in a train station in Europe, and she asks him for money.

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But this time she goes too far, and gets herself tangled up with a powerful man.

9,400 words M/F, M/F, voy, cheat Wade owns the general store in a small town.

I might make it longer some story was written as an author's challenge, to write a "good" story of a naive 14 year old nymphomaniac. there is love, triumph, sadness, loss, fulfillment, and ultimately, contentment all packed into this tale.

I cheated a little, as my character isn't really very naive. the story of a man whose midlife crisis leads to an affair with a young woman motorcyclist. the characters in this story are so true to life, that one can believe they truly exist. A mostly happy story, I got good response from this when I posted it to the newsgroup. I've had a lot of positive response from this story, but don't mind to hear some more!

I like the emotion of sex; lust is an emotion, and so is love. My stories attempt to invoke emotion in the reader; primarily lust [isn't that why you're here? If you feel horny, angry, wistful, nostalgic, aggrieved, satisfied... New stories are added from time to time, the newest is always at the top of the list [scroll down] I like a lot of variety, and you will find most everything in here, with the exceptions of pedophilia [I do go as young as 14] and bestiality.

I don't much favor force [at least towards women], but I do go in for a spot of coercion. You will see no advertising or links to commercial sites here.

Emma Lou is a repressed and naive 17 year old virgin as the story starts; when she lets big old Red give her a ride home he takes her to his home. 3782 words A fifteen year old boy molests the help, and is shocked when she doesn't object much.

In fact, after a while, they both come to appreciate the situation.

Perhaps, but could such a woman really go for a midget? Their affair is intense, they fall in love; but he knows she'll return to the other man in the end. 12,000 words 7,600 words M/f, F/m, F/F/F/F/F 18 year old Sonia has split up with her boyfriend, but still has to share a room with him and an older couple in Bangkok.

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