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“ Willy was laying next to one of my cats on the little animal couch, Teddy the terrier was laying with another cat on a cushion, and Samba my lab was on the floor with Lolo, my tabby. But I think my rescues know that they’re rescued and I’ve tried to create this haven for them that’s filled with love.’ Jillian, 36, readily admits that her passion for animals and her desire to save them probably dates back to childhood.Born in Toronto, Ontario, she was later adopted and raised in the nearby city of Burlington.

In fact, some of the six dogs and cats she adopted were scheduled for euthanasia the next day.

Now they live harmoniously in Jillian’s home, even sleeping together on her bed at night.

“People will send pictures of the new and improved versions, where the animals are twenty pounds heavier and their coats are shiny and thick and full. ” Jennifer of New Leash on Life, one of the rotating rescue agencies who bring animals on the “Adopt a Pet” program, believes the show plays an important role in L. “When one of our animals is on the show, we always get calls,” Jennifer says, “and the show creates so much public awareness about the number of homeless animals in L. On top of that, Jillian is great at mentioning issues on the air.” More than just talk, Jillian walks the walk too.

The vivacious journalist, who also co-hosts the national entertainment show, “Good Day Live”, as well as the reality show, “Extreme Dating”, has rescued her fair share of animals through the show.

She cares so much and is relentless in her pursuit to help animals any way she can.

She’s committed to helping LCA fight the most difficult battles and she’s one person who is making a difference.Jillian Barberie leafs through her mail and stops at a handwritten note carefully folded over a photograph.The popular weather, entertainment and television personality reads a few lines and breaks into a smile.We started out featuring one animal a week and then after a few months, when the phone was ringing off the hook from agencies who wanted to come on the show, I suggested we do it daily.” Hundreds of animals later, viewers regularly drop Jillian a line to let her know how well the adoptive animals are doing.“Some of the dogs who come on the show are emaciated and in terrible condition,” explains Jillian.DO keep companion animals safely inside your home when you are expecting repair personnel, meter readers or guests. DO educate family, friends, and neighbors about animal companion theft.

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