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The recommendation goes before the board for a final decision this autumn.

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It is they who have credit cards and choices, not the prostituted women and girls.

Amnesty International proposes a sex trade free from “force, fraud or coercion,” but I know from what I’ve lived and witnessed that prostitution cannot be disentangled from coercion.

Contrary to stereotype, the average john is not a loner or a loser.

In America, a significant proportion of buyers who purchase sex frequently have an annual income above 0,000 and are married. Why not let fines from these privileged men pay for young women’s counseling, education and housing?

Most of that money doesn’t go to girls like my teenage self.

Worldwide, human trafficking is the second largest enterprise of organized crime, behind drug cartels but on a par with gunrunning.

There was no resemblance to ordinary employment in the ritual degradation of strangers’ using my body to satiate their urges.

I was doubly exploited — by those who pimped me and those who bought me.

I know there are some advocates who argue that women in prostitution sell sex as consenting adults.

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