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Whatever the reason, the Team should discuss whether a new testing accommodation is needed (the testing manual can be helpful for this).You can ask that any new accommodation be tested out for a certain period of time.Willingness or unwillingness to medicate should not stop the diagnosis from happening. Accommodations: SCHOOL OFFERS UNOFFICIAL ACCOMMODATIONS, NO 504 Mary: My 16 year old son has Aspergers, ADD, Anxiety, and Depression.

Can anyone tell me if I have any recourse for this action?

I am an educator and accommodate students daily, did I miss something?

My district refuses to put them on a 504 plan until the parents bring in a written doctor diagnosis.

I have been very firm with the Special Ed Director in insisting that it is our job to determine their disability. My parents are unable to afford a trip to the doctor and I don’t think they should have to. Morning: Mari, I want to applaud you for being such a strong advocate for students.

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For a student to receive a particular accommodation on statewide testing, he should routinely be using that same accommodation during in-class testing.

For this reason, many IEP Teams will not include a testing accommodation anywhere on the IEP if it is not allowed during statewide testing.

There surely are some resources that can help these parents obtain the services they need.

Teachers can certainly recognize the symptoms, but they cannot diagnose.

Contact your state parent training & information center. JG: Emily, Did the Team explain why the accommodation was no longer valid?

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