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The one that came up to me before I left was in anybody's book a 10.

I didn't ask her her price but I would assume it would be at least 600 for ST and I'm sure she gets it..

While the condom breaks, a regular prep user body is protected cell by cell.

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If you want 9's and 10's probably coupled with " I've got a golden pussy attitude so I am doing you a favour" then go to Thai Club.

There are some top shelf very beautiful girls there.

Also it's not fair to not quote all his post where he write "For Westren mongers, there is only one place beach clubs only ".

This is simple not true, western mongers have plenty of options in KL.

In the best SPA line ups liking 1 out of the whole line up is Excellence, if she is smiling at you even better.

So expectations matched with personal taste decide the (6, 7, 8).It may be because you are very handsome, or because you are a gentleman, or because those ladies are demanded less than the average on the BC market (any doll accepting less than 500 for ST in BC? Maybe this relaxed and respectful attitude shines through and girls relate to it. I also had some special ones in the last couple of years. So, it is not true that it is IMPOSSIBLE to find special ones now. Yes I was there a year ago and I did recognize some faces but is there memory that good? I think many of us will agree its getting harder to find that GFE or PSE or sweet young thing everywhere throughout SEA. It is not fair to reply him "why you don't go to spas or brothels".Once I said hey look I know standard is 400 so this is what I do - 350 tip etc etc they either displayed one of two responses. Early on one Camb said buy me a drink and I said bye and another wasn't happy with my price point. Reminiscing about the good old days to me is pointless as those days have passed and it seems like economic conditions around SEA have changed greatly and servicing Western men is not that financially attractive anymore. Visited KL after 8 years and found to be very disappointed. He really does not care of low-end brothels and spas.Malaysia still good to go, imported labor does the job for tourist and locals.I am not into the Club atmosphere, but I walk by BC.Either that, or somebody can't figure out how to get to a Chinese MP and thus, decided they were just too downscale for them.

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