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But as I consider these two photos and the reactions they prompted, I’m reminded of an alarming trend that both members of the church and nonmembers alike get caught up in. It’s between her and the Lord, and frankly, the only covenants that are any of my business in the first place are my own.

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But in all our judgments, we might remember that we are asked to be Christlike, not Christ.

What He thinks, not even necessarily of the outfit, but of the person inside is far more important than what other people think.

Even though some celebs like Julianne and Derek Hough turned away from their Mormon upbringing as adults, others like The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers have stuck with the Latter Day Saints upbringing!

But some of the other celebs who grew up Mormon might surprise you!

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Freedom of religion is one of the many things that makes this country great, so it’s always interesting to learn who believes in what.

Probably the most heartbreaking example of this that I’ve seen is when Al Fox, one of the most inspirational and beautiful people I know, was featured on the cover of LDS Living magazine last year.

In the next issue, there was a letter to the editor by a member who condemned Al as a bad example of a covenant-keeping Mormon.

I know that we are human, and our first reaction is to make a judgement.

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