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Corning is involved in two joint ventures: Dow Corning and Pittsburgh Corning.Quest Diagnostics and Covance were spun off from Corning in 1996.

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In 1977, considerable attention was given to Corning's Z Glass project.

Z Glass was a product used in television picture tubes.

In the fall of 1970, the company announced that researchers Robert D. Schultz, and Frank Zimar had demonstrated an optical fiber with a low optical attenuation of 17 d B per kilometer by doping silica glass with titanium.

A few years later they produced a fiber with only 4 d B/km, using germanium oxide as the core dopant.

Due to a number of factors, the exact nature of which are subject to dispute, this project was considered a steep loss in profit and productivity.

The following year the project made a partial recovery.

This incident has been cited as a case study by the Harvard School of Business.

Company profits soared in the late 1990s during the dot-com boom, and Corning expanded its fiber operations significantly with several new plants.

In 1962 Corning developed Chemcor, a new toughened automobile windshield designed to be thinner and lighter than existing windshields, which reduced danger of personal injury by shattering into small granules when smashed.

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