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But before you can know if courtship is the solution, you need to rightly understand the problem.You say you made mistakes in past dating relationships that you feel convicted about not making again.

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How do I decide if a courtship is the best option for me versus dating?

hit the bestseller list in 1997, Christian singles have talked differently about dating. That's not to say everyone traded the practice of recreational coupling for parent-directed matchmaking, but that many believing singles gave more thought to the of getting married.

Conviction is a sign of His kindness leading you to repentance (Romans 2:4); it is evidence of the Holy Spirit's work in your life (John 16:5-11). Where Satan would have you feel guilty and wallow in regret, God would have you repent, turn away from your sin, and be restored to Him.

Once you are restored comes the challenge of walking in obedience.

And so here you are, wondering if that model will prevent the mistakes of your past relationships and lead you to your goal of a Christ-centered marriage, and if so, if it will work with the guys you know and the parents you have.

These are good questions to ask, and I think some of what Harris recommends may prove helpful.The Duggar parents often accompany their kids on dates in order to maintain "accountability" and "keep things from going in the wrong direction," per Jim Bob.The girls are fine with this, as being alone with men puts them in grave "moral danger." When the parents aren't available, their older siblings will often tag along, making every date a group date and a family affair.If the Holy Spirit is convicting you about these things, I can only surmise that by .It is God's great mercy that these things bother you.But one of the most bizarre was revealed only recently in an episode in which Joseph and Kendra Caldwell officially started courting. with one of the younger Duggar sitting in between them in the front seat of a pickup truck.

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