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But, as some saying goes, romance happens when you’re not actively seeking it.

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Forcing romantic parameters just because “it makes sense” — given how long it’s been or some other unemotional reason — doesn’t work when both people aren’t enthusiastically choosing one another.

And that’s important because I wasnt choosing him either.

It’s easy to avoid those conversations when you’re having a good time with someone.

Perhaps counterintuitively, none of this made me want to stop seeing him, nor him me.

And even if I told myself I wasn’t “looking,” our lack of status eventually started to grate on me.

What do I call this person who I’m very fond of, intimately involved with and happily spending most of my free time with? Even a definitive “no strings” label seemed more satisfying than none at all.

A prolonged 16-hour time difference isn’t quite a Band-Aid rip, but it functioned as one all the same.

The newfound solitude gave me a better perspective on everything.

And so when he kept asking to make plans, I just kept saying sure, which is basically how we became a thing.

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