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“He’s a bad dude.” Even those who have supported Ireland are looking for answers. “As a fellow veteran and friend, I am concerned about these allegations,” he said, referring to the animal abuse charges.

“I have talked with several people who invest in the UFV community, and they are concerned as well.” Ireland declined several requests for comment about his legal difficulties.

Four days after he was first charged with animal cruelty, Ireland, along with his wife, Emily, was served with a lawsuit by the town.

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Mark Wellman, chief marketing officer for Ireland’s nonprofit organization, United Farmer Veterans, called the allegations “false and absurd.

“At this time the only comment we care to make is that we know the man and his family, his honorable service to our country, and the tremendous leadership and kindness he has shown and provided to Maine veterans,” Wellman said.

With his name recognition and background, he appeared to be a strong candidate.

Another Republican who had been in the race even agreed to step aside.

Ireland, through his attorney Hunter Tzovarras, pleaded not guilty to those charges in Belfast District Court on May 24.

Tzovarras said last week that he plans to file a motion to suppress the search warrant on his belief that there wasn’t enough probable cause to grant it.

Julie Ann Smith, director of the Maine Farm Bureau, said the allegations against Ireland related to his farm are troubling.

She also said what has been described – both Ireland’s alleged treatment of animals and his refusal to cooperate with authorities – does not match standard animal husbandry practices.

Heidi Blood, Swanville’s animal control officer, said she had been warned about Ireland by local residents when she took over the job last year.

She said those warnings proved appropriate: Ireland was combative and uncooperative from the first time she responded to neighbors’ complaints about his treatment of animals.

Through his attorney, Ireland has pleaded not guilty in Belfast District Court.

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