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Some of the special things I recall are being sent to the "Bungalow" grocery on Locust when the butcher called to say he had just got in some meat, it was rationed during the war.

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I have been reading this sight for at least an hour and this sight has literally brought tears to my eyes.

I grew up on the North Side of Milwaukee (6th & North) and I have a lot of memories from the '50s-'70s, such as: Hartung Ford (3rd & Chambers), Rank & Son Dodge (3rd & Burleigh), Radio Doctors (3rd & Wells / 3rd & North), The YMCA (6th & North), Gimbels-Schusters (3rd & Garfield) and J. Let's not forget The Fruit Ranch Market, Kroger Krambo Supermarkets, Clark Super 100 service stations, Enco ("Put a Tiger in Your Tank-Happy Motoring") service stations and "Love That Wisco 99" service stations. On a final note, remember the Washington Park Zoo, and the Briggs & Stratton plant on Teutonia & Center??

My mom worked at Gardetto's Bakery just around the corner on Howell. We took the bus both ways, so we could enjoy both cities.

Remember the Milwaukee Journal Green Sheet that ran an ad I believe every Wednesday for ten burgers (or something like that) for $1 at George Webb's? Fishing with my Dad for smelt at Jones Island, the Milwaukee Clipper, the Milwaukee Braves (not the Brewers - sorry Brewers fans! The Milwaukee bus station was on 3rd and Michigan, and it was a drive-thru building, so the buses drove in one side and out the other.

The Christmas display at Gimbels where the deer came right through the windows and circled up the outside of the building.

The ceiling mounted monorail in Toyland up on the top floor of the Boston Store and it's giant Lionel layout. The Clef Club on center, Judy's drive in on capitol drive, Kitty town at Capitol Court (I used to run the Milwaukee Road there) Kitt's drive inn, Big Boys, Pizza Wagon A&P, Butter Bun, Och's House of Music Carvelle, Petroff's Drive In (the first in the state to have an ordering intercom from your car) on Burleigh I remember my Dad pulling one out while backing up he knew John Petroff so things worked out.I just stumbled across your site and was amazed at all the memories it brought back.My sisters and I grew up on 41st street across from Sherman Park in the 40's and 50's.We often came to Milwaukee shopping, Third street and Wisconsin was our main shopping area. My sister took her nurses training at Milwaukee County Hospital.Whenever we would come to Milwaukee we would have to stop for ice cream at the Milk Jug.I remember Al's custard stand by Mitchell Field, the Blue Jay Bowling Alley on Howell, Carvel that became the Boy Blue, the Airway Theater, the water tower on Howard Ave where I got my shots back in the fifties (I still remember smelling the alcohol in the air! ), when Lew Alcindor played for the Milwaukee Bucks, when American Motors was in Kenosha, Dutchland Dairy on Howell Ave (had the best hot fudge sundaes), Marc's Big Boy downtown, .... This was several years before I-94 went in, back in '62.

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