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The topic of women Freemasons is not merely complicated but it quickly becomes controversial, as well.

I acctuley feel like the combination of equilness between the men and women somehow elevate the whole experience and I appreciate that.

That alone has shown me more about the masonic principles than any words could teach.

Within this refuge men gather on an equal footing and set aside their differences to labor for the good of each other, the community and all of mankind.

It's difficult enough to maintain this peace and harmony when the Masonic Lodge is made up only of men.

Men on the other hand run their lives based on logic and reason.

I'm not saying either is better or worse, and in real life, it's very beneficial in the relationship to have checks and balances in both directions.

During a Lodge meeting men occasionally disagree, sometimes heatedly, but they do not then have to go home together after the meeting.

I'm not saying this is a good reason for keeping things separate, but it is something to consider.

If women were entered into the mix, with all our masculine weaknesses and insecurities, it would be near to impossible. Maybe that's just my justification for the segregation. But, I do believe that given the wisdom our ancient Brethren evinced in all manner of things, they must have had their reasons.

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