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The space was huge, enough room for maybe 800 people, with a stage at the end where a band was performing hit Brazilian songs.

The bar stretched down the length of one side of the room; on the opposite side were booths where you could sit and chat.

Deja Vu for Jeff Buckley’s Mom, Drummer & Road Recovery New York, NY – 14 years later, Major Who Media’s recording studios, once the rehearsal space for the late artist Jeff Buckley, became the backdrop for Buckley’s mother Mary Guibert and Buckley band drummer Matt Johnson to participate in Road Recovery’s Master Class Series.

January 2009 kicked off for Road Recovery uniting Road Recovery’s Jack Bookbinder of Jeff Buckley's management team and Gene Bowen, Buckley’s tour manager, with Mary Guibert and Jeff’s band mate Matt Johnson inside the late artist’s rehearsal space now the home of Major Who Media.(L-R) Jack Bookbinder (Road Recovery), Major Who Media’s – James Walsh & Sheldon Steiger together with Gene Bowen (Road Recovery) surround Mary Guibert (Jeff Buckley Music) come together for Road Recovery young people.

A new type of brothel has proliferated – aimed at a younger, more funky, less reticent customer. There are about 20 of these “luxury houses” in the city.

It is no longer enough just to offer girls and a threadbare room in a sleazy backstreeet – these superbrothels are not even in red light areas; some have a restaurant, live bands perform and even the rooms are fancier, with saunas and flat screen TVs.

Here's the text from Road Recovery's last newsletter.

Its been quite a couple weeks for them and we're proud to have been a part of it.

They are constantly dealing with daily challenges to their sobriety with so much courage and integrity.

#173218990 / You’re a rich 25-year-old in São Paulo and you want to go out.

After Jeff Buckley’s accidental drowning in 1997, Gene Bowen knocked on Major Who Media’s door and offered Walsh Buckley’s old is history…During the two Master Class Sessions Matt Johnson and Mary Guibert wove an intimate conversation with a small group of Road Recovery teens and young adults illuminating the twists and turns of their life and career story.

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