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They’re out of the way, even being dicks by jacking up interest rates whenever they get itchy. The very evil Obama is the one who presided over the recovery and corporate profits were heading higher.

When Trump got into office, he sort of stumbled upon a great happening and then super charged it with some regulation and tax cuts.

While markets might look somber today, Le Fly continues to win. My Quant portfolio is higher by a whopping 64bps, 90bps better than the indices. If you have money in the market and retain the services of a “financial advisor” in 2018, you are a complete idiot.

Every Macy’s I’ve ever been to, with exception to the giant one in NYC, was a heaping pile of shit. You’d be wise to take a good look at M — especially since the summer months are a good occasion to be long retail.

Fun fact: Macy’s has booked its first back to back YOY quarterly revenue growth numbers since 2013. Comments » Any of you familiar with Buridian’s Ass paradox?

Without me, countless people, and families alike, would perish from indecision, abject poverty and a whirring and dizzying panorama of failure that would inflict trauma upon future generations. Comments » It must be incredibly frustrating for bears who are positioning for political uncertainty.

In a sense, “The Fly” is a financial super hero in great need of a cape — sashaying to and fro — saving those in need to financial guidance. Traditionally, the shit that’s taking place now, scandal after scandal and trade wars, would produce a toxic environment for stocks. I used to say the Fed was keeping markets afloat with their tricky ways; but not anymore. Well, this recovery was planted in the ground before Trump got into office.

I’m an expert in retail now, an authority on all things to do with spending money inside shopping malls. It’s possible that I am top ticking here, which is part and parcel of trying to chase momentum.

But given the apparent resurgence in the sector, I am willing to gamble there will be some follow thru on this leg higher.Certified Fresh Movies and TV shows are Certified Fresh with a steady Tomatometer of 75% or higher after a set amount of reviews (80 for wide-release movies, 40 for limited-release movies, 20 for TV shows), including 5 reviews from Top Critics."The Social Network" explores the moment at which Facebook, the most revolutionary social phenomena of the new century, was invented -- through the warring perspectives of the super-smart young men who each claimed to be there at its inception.You should expect me to take photos of underwear racks and naked mannequins in the coming days to discuss my take on the awesome state of American retail.— The_Real_Fly (@The_Real_Fly) July 19, 2018 Feeling good and positive, in spite of the indices dour and somber look, I upped my retail exposure and bought some BOOT and DECK.If not, stops will be tight, roughly 5-10% below basis.

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