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He has had his moment in history, he has done his work, he has won the applause and borne the calumny...can't he just leave? Perhaps taking a page from his old foe Newt Gingrich, Clinton is now trying his hand at schlock fiction.

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“It’s important that it not be five white guys at the table, no offense,” Pelosi said, referring to the top two leadership spots in the House and Senate and the presidency.

“I have no intention of walking away from that table.” https://t.co/Ksq V9I4Mqm — Jonathan Martin (@jmart NYT) May 1, 2018, of course, would never vote for that mean ol’ lady Pelosi.

Yet this consensus occasions no systemic rethinking of how to cover politics.

— Brian Beutler (@brianbeutler) May 2, 2018 Nobody doubts that this is true, and yet when the balance of power shifts again, the right will resume pretending to be outraged over nonsense, and reporters in general (though not Swin specifically) will proceed as if it’s all sincere.

Thereby sparing them from having to make promises that might actually get them into trouble, when (if) they’re elected.

(Just as I would never run away with George Clooney for a wild weekend at his Italian villa — it wouldn’t be fair to poor Amal. Clooney is not about to ask me in no way negates my feminist solidarity.) Across the aisle, a million miles away… ” There’s more and more recognition all the time—and rightly so under Trump—that right wing politics is built on this foundation of feigned outrage and bad faith.Still, Clinton appeared upset, even indignant, by the line of questioning.Certain in his mind that he is the real victim of his affair with Lewinsky, he will never ask for redemption or personally apologize for his part in the hell she went through."Both men lost their fathers early and rose from hardscrabble circumstances to become governors.Both men met their brilliant wives in law school, and both couples have one daughter." The key difference between Duncan and Clinton, the Post notes, is that the fictional one is a decorated veteran, while the real life president ducked service in Vietnam.But Bill Clinton, it has been said, lacks whatever gene it is that produces shame in normal humans.

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