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His videos have made people's lives better as well as inspire people to create their own content on You Tube or other film or video platforms.

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), known by his You Tube usernames nigahiga and Higa TV, is a Japanese-American You Tuber, vlogger, and sketch comedian who initially became famous for his "How To Be" video series.

Born in Hilo, Hawaii, he originally launched his You Tube channel in July 2006 with his childhood friend Sean Fujiyoshi, who is a year younger than him.

Well, for him to share suggestions related to love life, he needs to have the knowledge in this regard.

Therefore, let's find out if Ryan is dating a girlfriend or the tips that he gives away is the result of his past dating affairs.

So, the question here is, does Ryan Higa the famous You Tuber has a girlfriend?

For, he gives away pro dating tips to his followers on his channel.

In addition, he is recognized as one of the best "pun" comedians on You Tube standing with figures like Liza Koshy.

Albert Einstein once stated - the only source of knowledge is 'experience.' Well, it's true indeed, whether it's your personal experience or the observation of people experiencing the said thing, you get to accumulate knowledge from the happenings.

After Higa moved to Las Vegas to study filmmaking and nuclear medicine at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, most of the nigahiga videos were solo efforts, sometimes featuring collaborations with other You Tube users/friends as well as celebrities.

However, since 2012 Higa has put together a production company, Ryan Higa Production Company (RHPC), which includes Fujiyoshi, who works together to make content for the nigahiga channel.

Fuji, for the past several years, rarely appears in his videos; however, Ryan continues to make sketches, music videos, rants, opinion videos, and Q&A videos titled "Dear Ryan".

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