Who is dre from cool and dre dating

"Miami is the place you go to kick back while you work — go in the ocean, go to the clubs, go to the studio — all the same vibe," says Dre, a New Yorker of Jamaican descent who moved to Miami when he was six. Hit Factory/Criteria is more corporate but incredibly professional. It's a place to hang out and bang out records." "Bang out" is right.

"We work a lot outside of Miami — New York, LA and Atlanta — but we do most of it right here," says Cool, originally from Venezuela. Like the other production teams in hip-hop, including the Neptunes, with whom C&D have often been compared, they are prolific, as the number of artists they've worked with attests to.

The funny thing is, when we made the record, it ended up having Fat Joe and Jadakiss singing on it as guests.

High school has been the starting point for countless bands over the last 50 years, as it was for Marcello 'Cool' Valenzano and Andre 'Dre' Lyon, who met when they sang together in the honours chorus at North Miami Senior High a decade or so ago.

"You know when you meet somebody you just know, y'know?

"The record came on people like 'What the hell was that? "But that combination of hook and beat is the way we produce — no set formula, experiment with sounds and beats, and see what works with the song." Both producers have home studios, with the one in the guest room at Dre's house being the more sophisticated of the two.

It's equipped with a Pro Tools HD system, though Cool says they also like Propellerhead's .

However, tracks have a funny way of getting around, especially the one that gave the duo their first big hit.

Ja Rule's 'New York' typifies C&D's sound, says Cool.Cool & Dre is een hiphop producersduo dat bestaat uit Marcello "Cool" Valenzano (geboren in Miami) en Andre "Dre" Christopher (geboren in New York).Ze zijn vooral bekend van de hits Hate It or Love It van Game en New York van Ja Rule.And as much as they enjoy messing with synth sounds, they prefer the virtual instrument route to collecting vintage keys."I prefer that because then it's all there in front of you," says Cool, though he has a soft spot for their introduction to synthesis. We were down at Ace Music and the guy pressed one button and the whole song played and that really set us off.2 Playas who have created some of the best beats in the business.

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