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Krishna is another film personality who has left indelible marks in Telugu films.He encouraged new talents to flourish and many actors and actresses were indebted to him.

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Although social Telugu films were quite popular, yet films based on mythological or folk stories continued to be produced till late 1970s.

Early Telugu film had close connections with stage.

The film influenced other Telugu filmmakers to produce films on social issues.

Some popular social themes were feudal system, for example Raitu Bidda made in 1939 and untouchability shown in Mallapilla released in 1938.

They produced the first Telugu talkie, Bhakta Prahlad, directed by Hanumappa Munioappa Reddy in 1931.

Initially, mythological stories dominated Telugu films. In 1936, Krittiventi Nageswara Rao made the first social Telugu film Premavijayam.

The pioneer of stage-cut Silent Telugu film was Adruti Subba Rao.

His movies including Tenemansulu and Kaemansulu brought new actors and actresses in the Telugu film world.

Both ANR and NTR played together for the first time in Palletnori Pilla of B A Subba Rao and also in Samsaram. ANR and NTR filmed together in 15 films including the famous Gundamma Katha, Missamma and Chanyaka-Chandgragupta. Mostly seen in mythological movies, NTR ruled the Telugu filmdom for twenty long yeas since 1962.

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