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How do you feel about what’s going on in your home state?

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In their 16-year existence, the Avett Brothers have gone from acoustic folk troubadours to grungy bluegrass pioneers to Americana roots-rock icons playing to packed arenas.

The constant motif in their musical ascendance: pure, unabashed earnestness.

Cancelling the show is an opportunity to stand on top of a mountain to proclaim how high your morality is.

But to me, the sensible solution is to bring people together.

Upon announcing their ninth studio album, True Sadness, earlier this year, the band fulfilled that reputation with a lengthy letter to fans explaining the emotional and creative impetus for the new music.

Fatherhood, family, loss, heartbreak, and divorce—all of it nakedly explained by co-founder Seth Avett in more than a thousand words.Or do you think it’s better to continue playing shows while, perhaps, using the platform to bring attention to the law?I don’t plan on cancelling any shows anytime soon, because I don’t think it’s helpful to punish music fans for something like this law.Seth and Scott were heavily involved with their respective bands during their college years.During this time, Scott was playing with Nemo in Greenville and Seth was involved with the Charlotte-based band Margo, which was started by high school friends.We’ve had a lot of experience playing in arenas so I’d be lying if it wasn’t something we could consider.

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