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The owner of Puting Buhangin does not allow overnight stays on the beach except for family friends and visitors.They only allow day trip visits until 4 in the afternoon. Lukang’s motor shop (Lukang Motors) in Lucena City proper to ask permission. Bantigue, Pagbilao Quezon Tel: 042-7160077 Mobile: 0922-8867677, 0919-4420042 Email: [email protected] Room Rates 2500 – good for 2-4 persons with free breakfast for 2 4000 - good for 8 persons with free breakfast for 4 It’s more of a coastal area rather than a beach resort where a lot of fishermen dock their boats.

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It’s a nice picnic area but it isn’t a good place for swimming especially at low tide.

Sitio Malunggay, Barangay Bantigue Entrance fee -20 Table Rental -50 OUR ITINERARYand back to the wharf for 1000 pesos.

I am not really a good swimmer so I found my way to the cave by hopping along the rocks and finally swimming a short distance in shoulder-deep water to the entrance.

The water inside the cave is shallower and very clear.

Perhaps it was because of my low expectations of finding something extra-ordinary here, or maybe I was just unprepared for the sight that was revealed when our boat made a sudden turn towards the cove (most beaches here can be seen from afar as you approach them, but Puting Buhangin which is hidden by limestone cliffs at both ends cannot be seen until you round the corner). It has fine white sand and crystal-clear waters that change with alternating shades of emerald and azure.

Its seabed is devoid of rocks, seaweed and rough coral which is my kind of beach for swimming.

From Manila take SLEX to its end at Calamba and follow the signs towards Batangas.

You will see a fork road on the right a short distance after passing the entrance to the STAR expressway.

This private beach is available to the public on daytrip visits and is accessible by boat and by land.

The cove is also known for its beautiful limestone rock formations that form a unique cave famously known as Kwebang Lampas.

Having seen countless beaches around the Philippines, I didn’t expect to be captivated completely by this beach in Quezon.

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