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15th January, 1891 to 2nd March, 1893: Earl of Jersey (Rt Hon Albert George Child Villliers) Governor.

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8th January, 1868 to 22nd February, 1872: Earl of Belmore (Sir Somerset Richard Lowry-Corry), Governor, Commander-in-Chief and Vice-Admiral of NSW.

23rd February to 2nd June, 1872: Sir Alfred Stephen administered.

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During the early years of this period, Sydney was declared a city, New South Wales was granted self government and convict transportation was abolished.

At its end, New South Wales joined with the other states in nationhood when the Commonwealth of Australia came into being on 1st January 1901.

Many public works ground to a halt, factories closed down because of their inability to produce manufactured goods due of the shortage of labour.

The economies of Sydney and Melbourne stalled and remained in a depressed state until the early 1860s when the gold began to peter out.

22nd January to 21st March, 1861: Lieutenant- Colonel John Francis Kempt administered.

22nd March, 1861 to 7th January, 1868: Sir John PYoung ( later Lord Lisgar ), Captain- General, Governor-General-in-Chief and Vice-Admiral of NSW and its dependencies.

22nd November, 1895 to 4th March, 1899: Viscount Hampden (Rt Hon Henry Robert Brand), Governor.

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