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The 97th Artillery Group (AD) was assigned to US Army Vietnam and under the operational control of the 7th US Air Force.97th Artillery Group personnel were located at the 7th USAF Control and Reporting Post (CRP) on Hon Tre Island, and the 7th USAF Control and Reporting Post (CRC) at Tan Son nhut Airbase.

I am attempting to collect information pertaining to the operation and coordination of the Air Force (CRCs) and the 97th Artillery Group. Army (Ret)FROM THE WEB MASTER: The Tan Son Nhut Association would like to take this time to share our latest Member information: 1.

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When we were finish with the work at Tuy Hoa, we went to Tan Son Nhut for a three day pass!!!! But I returned in August, when they really got shelled by the 122 rockets. When I get time, I will send them to you and write a little story along with each picture. Jim Riley554th RED HORSE1971 - 1972, RVNFROM THE WEB MASTER: The Tan Son Nhut Association would like to take this time to share our latest Member information: 1.

Also one of the last Air Force Warrant Officers wanted most of us to be brought down to be with Det 1 at Tan Son Nhut. Gaynor, Michael J., Illinois, Det 11, 1131st Special Activities Squadron (Directorate of Operations MACV HQ) (Renewed his membership) 2.

Comments: My name is Bill O'Brien and I was at Tan Son Nhut Air Base from 1966 - 1967 and I served with the 210th Combat Aviation battalion. I have been searching for any information, on the 210th Combat Aviation Battalion but what I found is not my unit. I flew with a few guys whose names might ring a bell even if my name doesn't.

It shows the 210th as being someplace else and in some cases there is mention of a Air Force unit of the same name. My nickname was 'OB" (Short for O'Brien,) Doug Chairs, is from Maryland and the DC area, who was a doorgunner also. May you eat all the good food and share memories with your family and friends.

Either a vehicle decal or sticker, a hat or jacket, etc.

When I see the signs, I will always start talking to the individual!!!It used to hang out near the chow hall on top of a conex and jump and stick his little hands in your pocket looking for food.Some of the men would pull the hair on his chest and make him scream. Dick Cummings USAF (Ret or retarded not sure about either......) Comments: I saw Bob Hope up at Freedom Hill at Da Nang back Dec 1972 . I was sure glad to go TDY to Tuy Hoa and get away from "Rocket City". I have some pictures to share in the future, for the web site.I believe all who have or ARE serving this Great Country should be thanked for their service!!!I was pumping gas yesterday and noticed that the vehicle next to me had a Vietnam Veteran sticker on the rear window!!! Like most I get a bunch of junk mail so it will be easier to spot when scanning my junk folder.

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