Forties and twenties dating

We parted with a hug and a brief kiss and decided to meet the following evening for some more serious fun.

The kind of fun we had discussed in numerous messages on a very dodgy dating site.

My cock is no more than three inches in and then I stop.

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You have only the top of my cock in your mouth but you know you will soon have all of it.

I start to thrust, sometimes hard and long so that it hits your throat and sometimes dangerously slow. I put you back on the table lying on your back after I have unlocked your hand cuffs.

The next evening you came straight to my hotel room.

You stepped inside and I immediately started undressing you. I take your arms and put them on your back and cuff them together. I am fully clothed and walk round you - still inspecting you, kissing your ear and neck and feeling your back and your hair.

You feel me being close and than I stop and take my cock out and turn you over.

You lie on your back and I take off your blindfold and satnd right over your face and start wanking.

You touch me with both hands and you feel how I start to grow and become hard and big again. I stop and put you on the floor and quickly put you in a doggy position. I enter you roughly and start fucking you like there is no tomorrow.

It doesn’t hurt anymore and you love the speed and ferocity and eagerness and hardness.

You know that my whole cock is going to go down to the bottom of your mouth and throat and that you will choke and cough. I put my cock in your mouth and have my hands round your head and start thrusting.

It hurts and your throat becomes soar after a couple of gentle thrusts but it hurts in a good way. I kneel down and start licking you and touching you and rubbing you.

You wait and wonder what will come next.“Put your fingers in your bum” I say in almost a whisper. Without warning I enter your cunt and you feel every inch of my cock. My hands are in your face and in your mouth and you want me to start fucking you properly but I am completely still. I take my cock out and start to work your bum, licking your cunt and and stretching your bum more and more.

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