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They are the epitome of femininity and represent wanting to feel beautiful and loved as well as secure.I don’t think those are very Christian attitudes, to be honest.Being coy, passive, meek, modest, mild, self-effacing, totally selfless, nurturing, and compliant (“ladylike”) does not guarantee a girl a spouse any more, and is actually a lure for abusive men, which gender complementarians don’t seem to realize – or care about.

Dr dobson christian dating

There is no “pink” Jesus for girls and no “blue” Jesus for boys.

Anyway, Dobson spent some time telling Mefferd on this radio show that Christian parents ought to raise their little girls to be “lady like.” That term is rather sketchy and vague, and I don’t recall him clarifying what he means by it.

You will see some of those views here, ones that I’ve brought up before about the state of contemporary Christianity, that these reviewers repeat about Dobson in particular, like how these reviewers notice that….

I’ll just say I’m not a fan of James Dobson, but I have a habit of reading books even if I don’t think I’ll like them.

I would rather be focusing my life on whatever God calls me to, even if it’s hard. Even if it calls me to be lonely, ugly, poor, or unmarried. Honestly, I don’t think Dobson includes enough scripture.

I think the Princesses give the wrong idea that desiring security and beauty is more important than desiring God. When he does, the majority is from the Old Testament.

I got this for free, so I thought I’d give it a go.

True to what I expected, I thought the book was far too negative.

Maybe I should stop listening to Christian radio host Mefferd (her show is online here). Most of her show topics are pretty interesting, but occasionally, she veers off into views I don’t agree with, or she interviews guests whose views make me want to puke.

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