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Failing that it will default the parent to the global locale.As of 2.12.0 it is also possible to update a locale's properties. For all others, a single character refers to the singular, and a double character refers to the plural.Pseudo locales can be useful when testing, as they make obvious what data has and has not been localized.

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It is much better to use gets the length of the duration in weeks.

Pay attention that unlike the other getters for duration, weeks are counted as a subset of the days, and are not taken off the days count.

If a locale requires additional processing for a token, it can set the token as a function with the following signature. argument will be true if the token will be displayed without a suffix, and false if it will be displayed with a suffix. It is a string of the token that is being ordinalized, for example: has thresholds which define when a unit is considered a minute, an hour and so on.

(The reason for the inverted logic is because the default behavior is to display with the suffix.) The As of 2.0.0, the ordinal function should return both the number and the ordinal. For example, by default more than 45 seconds is considered a minute, more than 22 hours is considered a day and so on.

If true, the weekdays will be returned in locale specific order.

For instance, in the Arabic locale, Saturday is the first day of the week, thus: Note: Absent the locale specific parameter, weekdays always have Sunday as index 0, regardless of the local first day of the week.For example, a year can be defined as 366 days, 365 days, 365.25 days, 12 months, or 52 weeks.Trying to convert years to days makes no sense without context.The locale Data = moment.locale Data() locale Data.months(Moment) locale Data.months() locale Data.months Short(Moment) locale Data.months Short() locale Data.months Parse(String) locale Data.weekdays(Moment) locale Data.weekdays() locale Data.weekdays Short(Moment) locale Data.weekdays Short() locale Data.weekdays Min(Moment) locale Data.weekdays Min() locale Data.weekdays Parse(String) locale Date Format(String) locale PM(String) locale Data.meridiem(Number, Number, Boolean) locale Data.calendar(String, Moment) locale Data.relative Time(Number, Boolean, String, Boolean) locale Future(Number, String) locale Data.ordinal(Number) locale Data.preparse(String) locale Data.postformat(String) locale Data.week(Moment) locale Data.invalid Date() locale Data.first Day Of Week() locale Data.first Day Of Year() As of version 2.13.0 moment optionally includes a pseudo locale.This locale will populate the dates with very obviously changed data.To change those cutoffs use also has duration objects.

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