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) and certainly from an evolutionary standpoint, too.

Scholars who take an evolutionary perspective suggest that the dating game is a carefully choreographed dance designed to maximize successful reproduction.

Extra signs include extreme relaxation, such as not bothering with their appearance when they meet you. They’re only interested after a few drinks Maybe your friend has made a move in the past, but if it’s after a few too many glasses of Rioja then again you can safely exclude that from your ‘evidence’ that they like you.

Unfortunately, alcohol makes people think they want things that in reality they’d never consider.

This includes finding a healthy, fertile partner, the cues for which are often observable physical qualities, like facial symmetry and a birthing-friendly hip-to-waist ratio. Both men and women with romantic goals focused on potential partners' chest areas, hip-to-waist areas, and their heads during the first moment of attention. People with a romantic mind-set looked longer at potential partners' heads and chest areas than people with friendship goals, and this was particularly true for men. Taking their eye gaze fixation data, the researchers tried to determine if they could accurately predict participants' self-reports of relationship interest. Women who looked at men's hip-to-waist ratio reported more romantic interest in the target, and women looking more at men's heads reported more friendship interest in those targets.

In this research, just over 100 heterosexual participants viewed photographs with instructions to consider them as friends or as potential romantic partners. When looking just for friendship, comparably more time was spent looking at the person in the photo's feet and legs. Men attended to the chest region more than any other area, and the waist area received considerable attention as well. Looking at the chest and legs (which is a bit inconsistent with the eye-tracking data) corresponded with greater relationship interest. It isn't easy to track someone's eye gaze when you first meet them, but this research does suggest there are subtle ways (or maybe sometimes... ) that our eyes do the talking when it comes to our relationship goals.

If you’re currently unsure whether your friend things about your in a romantic way, here’s our guide for what to look out for.

You always have to make the first move Is it always you that picks up the phone first?Or perhaps you’re always the one to suggest something to do?If this is the case, and it feels like he’s holding you at arms length, then you might be the only one who sees your relationship heading down a romantic path.Then you can happily resume your friendship a few months down the line once your crush has died down. New research is changing the game for people who live in that torturous space between relationship clarity and relationship uncertainty: Does she just want to be friends or more? If you're interested, but can't read the other person's intentions, each interaction can feel like an open invitation for confusion and awkwardness. It could be the "" or just an extended gaze, but it seems that people may gaze at others' bodies differently when they're interested in love versus friendship.Any move they make under the influence is a non-starter. ’ And, after they’ve made that boozed up move, if they say something like ‘We’re still ok as friends aren’t we? That kind of backtracking is painful for you, but if they were interested they’d never say something like that.

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