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Meeting safety standards is an integral part of any business and becomes even more relevant in the foods context.Our training programs will promote safe practices at the workplace and will ensure that the lounge maintains the highest hygiene standards.We handle it all; real estate, design, logistics, constructions, etc.

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The new property will be signed by you , the franchisee.

I own a store, from which I am achieving high sales of certain products.

Can I start Varietea outside a mall, maybe in a shop on a busy street ?

Varietea lounge is available in various different formats like Exclusive lounge / café / express / boutique etc, these formats are decided as per the business potential of the location.

The competitive price will bring the Varietea experience within the reach of college students and the young executives who will be attracted by the sheer energy of the place along with wide range of beverages and snacks.

Our company has been set up with the first time franchisee in mind.

VARIETEA IN NEWS Varietea is targeted at the Urban Indian Youth – from the age group of 20 to 35.

The attractive interiors and the exciting menu will make it a ‘youth hangout of choice’.

The Varietea product is an unique combination of freshly made teas.

Born out of our international experience and local knowledge, the teas along with other products come together to form some delectableproducts.

Our company representative would be able to guide you accordingly. You may need a minimum staff of 6-8 employees but depending on the size and location of the lounge we would come down to an exact number . We believe that our business model is designed to yield high returns.

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